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 vRA 8.16 - trigger vRO workflow with inputs if a user triggers Day2 action Shutdown or Power Off

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Enter123 posted Jun 06, 2024 04:21 AM


I have a resource action which users can trigger directly from the Actions menu and provide user input (to put a server into Maintenance mode in the monitoring system). 

I would like to trigger the same vRO workflow which requires user input every time someone triggers Power Off on the Deployment or Shutdow or Power Off on the Actions menu.

If I user Subscriptions and even like "Deployment resource action requested", whenever someone does click on "Shutdown" or "Power Off", the vRO workflow gets triggered but it does not pop up for user input.

Is it even possible to do it like this? Can I somehow force vRO workflow to ask for user input by triggering those out-of-box Power Off and Shutdown Day2 actions?

Or I need to completely replace those Shutdown and Power Off Actions with my custom actions?


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tarek_nader Best Answer

Hi ,

You can use 'Day-2 action' [Power Off / Reset / Shutdown] with vRA Subscription; as subscription are using during provisioning; can't be used of 'day-2 action'

best way to do so, is to create vRO to do specific task, will be will logged in vRO workflow history & vRA events as well.