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 Update vRLI root password in vRLM

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vMikeyC posted May 15, 2024 04:32 PM

Hi running into some issues on vRealise Life Cycle Manager and vRealize Log Insight - appreciate any help!

I'm trying to upgrade vRLI from vRLM - but before doing so i triggered a inventory sync which errored with expired root password on vRLI.
The root password has been updated on vRLI and tested. 

Rerunning the vRLM inventory update, it is still erroring 

Error Code: LCMVRLICONFIG40090
vRealize Log Insight root password is invalid. Provide right credentials and retry.
SSH authorization failed with provide root password for 10.x.x.x .Please verify the credentials and retry

Looking through vRLM I can't find where to update the root password specifically for vRLI? Any ideas?

Thanks, Mike

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Charles Hallstrom

You'll have to add the new password as an object under the Locker service.  When the error occurs you should be prompted on the right pane what password to use from a drop down.  Select the new password that you created and it should clear though.  It will prompt you for each node in the vRLI cluster but once it's done it should stick with the new password object.  If the previous password was only setup for vRLI you can go back into the Locker service and remove the old password.

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If you know for sure that stored password in locker is correct, most probably you already upgraded vrlcm and there is a known bug with the newest version as they deprecated SHA1 algorithms and ciphers from VMware Aria Products which will break ssh connection to other vmware aria products. Please check following kb, there is workaround presented for each product:
Steps for removing weak SHA1 algorithms and ciphers from VMware Aria Products (broadcom.com)

Hope this will help you :)