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 Export and Synchronize Licenses in vSphere

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Martin Göß posted Jun 10, 2024 04:22 AM

Hi all,

can you tell me how to download a .csv file from the Broadcom Portal? The "Export to CSV" Button gives me a .xlsx File which i can not import at the vSphere Client. I need to synchronize my Licenses.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi. You can open in Excel and change the format to .csv . You might need to open it afterwards and do a little cleanup. Alternatively, you can copy / paste your licenses into a .csv assuming you don't have a lot. If you do have a ton of licenses then ignore my last sentence. 

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Martin Göß

Already tried your first hint. vSphere tells me that the file is not valid. Problem is that i don't know which format i need. My file looks like this:

License Key,Product Name,Quantity,Folder Name,Contract End Date

XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX,vCenter Server 8 Essentials,1 Instance,HOME_MIG_2468432,09.24.2024

Do i need comma or semicolon separation? Which Columns do i need?