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 Enabling TLS 1.3 on ESXi port 443 of vSphere 8.0U3?

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Nara Huang posted Jun 18, 2024 08:36 AM


For vSphere 8.0U1 or 8.0 U2, I can enable TLS 1.3 on ESXi port 443 by the KB
Enabling non-FIPS TLS 1.3 on port 443 in ESX. (broadcom.com)

But on vSphere 8.0 U3 this doesn't work.

Is there any other way to enable TLS 1.3 on ESXi? 

Thank you for the help!

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The last release of vSphere 8 are :
 - ESXi 8.0 U2c - https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/8.0/rn/vsphere-esxi-80u2c-release-notes/index.html
 - vCenter 8.0 U2d - https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/8.0/rn/vsphere-vcenter-server-80u2d-release-notes/index.html

And following this link : https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article/312033/enabling-nonfips-tls-13-on-port-443-in-e.html

The 7.0.3 doesn't support the tls 1.3. The max version is tls 1.2