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 Day two action via VM actions menu

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craigso posted May 31, 2024 05:54 PM

At one point, and this may have been vRA 7 I thought we had the ability to create a day two action/workflow that could be added to the actions context menu. Now that I have a need I started to research how to implement this in vRA 8.16.2 and I'm coming up blank.

Am I simply mis-remembering the ability to do this?

My goal is to allow users to access a workflow from this menu which would allow them to select and apply pre-defined dynamically loaded list of NSX tags after the VM is provisioned. I can do all of this in a workflow. I know I could add a second catalog item for this. But since it's related to the VM in the deployment, it would be ideal if it was accessible from the actions menu.

Pic for reference:

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Thelemanu Best Answer

I think what you are looking for is in Aria Assembler - Design - Resource Actions.

There you can define a workflow to be run on a certain type of resources, under certain conditions and you can bind a number of properties as inputs of the workflow.