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 Cannot add Physical partition - “One of the parameters supplied is invalid”.

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Zohar ML posted Jun 24, 2024 02:44 AM

I’m having a problem adding an HDD partition to a VM running windows 10.

I’m using VMware workstation 17 player in a host windows 10.

I have an existing virtual machine with windows, when I add a partition in the HDD I constantly get a strange error.

The process I make:

Settings -> add -> Hard Disk -> NVMe (recommended) -> use a physical disk -> use individual partition (physicalDrive0) -> partition 6 -> finish --> and I constantly get and error “One of the parameters supplied is invalid”.

I even tried to set a new VM, but it’s impossible to add a hard disk in the first wizard step.

The partition is not mapped into the host machine.

How can I add the partition?