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  • 1.  Windows standard activation

    Posted Jun 21, 2021 09:16 AM

    Hello Everyone,
    we buy the windows license standard 2019 for our VM machines, but where do we activate it? I Mean that you have to buy license for the host cores and that give you the right to 2 virtual machines. but my question is where do you have to activate the windows license? in the host or the virtual machine?


    I know that sound stupid but I wanst able to find information about this, i do found information about how windows license work (windows datacenter give you the righ to create multiples Virtual machines, for example) but i didnt find where or how activate the license windows for vmware.

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  • 3.  RE: Windows standard activation

    Posted Jun 21, 2021 06:52 PM

    The activation process for Windows VMs on ESXi is basically the same as for physical systems.
    Once installed, you will activate Windows from within the guest OS.