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What do I need? (licenses, probably)

  • 1.  What do I need? (licenses, probably)

    Posted Aug 11, 2021 11:32 PM

    Hi everyone!

    So I have a 3 host, 1 datastore setup which I'm slowly making more professional (The UPS is backordered till September, but such is life)

    But after buying VMware essentials and finding (to my horror) it doesn't come with live migration of any sort, I figure I should ask the experts (you all) before I start buying more stuff!

    My setup:
    Host 1: As much RAM and CPU as the other two combined, connected to Datastore, local SSD datastore
    Host 2: Local SSD Datastore and connected to datastore
    Host 3: The weakest host, basically a backup which will be running minimal and experimental things. Connected to datastore.

    My end goal:
    If the UPS goes to battery, vCenter Server (on datastore) immediately migrates itself to Host 1
    If the UPS remains on battery for a full minute, it begins migrating all VMs to Host 1, shutting down nonessential ones, and using vSan to move the SSD based VMs to Host 1, Shutting down each host (2 & 3) once they're empty.
    When UPS reaches 5% battery life, Host 1 begins shutdown process.
    When the UPS recovers, it redistributes the VMs to their original homes.
    I'd also like the ability to deploy templates.

    So what licenses do I need for all of this? vSan, vCenter Server standard, and three standard licenses? Or do I need better than Standard licenses?

    Thanks for your help, I just want to make sure I don't mess up and get the wrong license (again).