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  • 1.  Vsphere with 6 10GB NICS

    Posted Aug 11, 2015 01:33 AM

    I currently have a vsphere 5 cluster using fiber channel storage. I am going to be building a new vsphere 6 cluster with ISCSI storage, my hosts have 6 10GB NICS and 2 1GB NICS. I am thinking of building it as follows, just want to get peoples thoughts and suggestions. This is using Enterprise Plus licensing

    2 10GB NICS for ISCSI, these will go directly to a pair of dedicated ISCSI switches just for my storage

    2 10GB NICS in DVSwitch 1 for vmotion

    2 10GB NICS in DVSwitch 2 for virtual machine networks

    2 1GB NICS in a standard VSwitch for management/vmkernel

    Anyone have thoughts/issues with the above, and any specifics with how the switches should be configured for load balancing? any specific settings?