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vSphere VMs workload migration strategies

  • 1.  vSphere VMs workload migration strategies

    Posted Jun 01, 2023 01:08 PM

    Hello all, I am all new to this communities and this is my first ever question to post online for help.

    We have a situation where we have to build a new solution and migrate over all the workloads to the new solution. However, I dont seem to get a perfect idea to do it considering a unique situation. Let me do my best to explain everything.

    Location is somewhere in Europe.

    Source environment is a 3 node cluster (vCenter+vSphere Essentials plus version 6.0) running on a flexpod solution with NetApp storage.

    Destination will be a 3 node cluster (vCenter+vSphere Essentials plus version 7.0) that could be either Cisco Hyperflex or a similar flexpod solution. (Hyperflex or Flexpod solution is not finalized yet because of some budgeting issues).

    In any case, the source will be a flexpod solution running the unsupported version of vSphere Essentials plus and the destination would be the brand new solution with 7.0 or 8.0 licenses running.

    What is the best way to migrate the workload with no or very minimal downtime that could be afforded, considering healthcare data running in the environment.

    I am happy to answer any questions around this. Please help.

    Meanwhile: I believe the following: 

    -- Cross vCenter migration is supported from version 6.0 or later versions. However, requires an enterprise plus version license to work.

    -- There is a tool part of VMware fling named Cross vCenter Workload migration utility that supports cross vCenter migration - however, it requires the same version of vSphere versions to be installed on both, source and destination for this to work. - Hence, ruled out.