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  • 1.  Vsphere Replication vs vMotion

    Posted Sep 26, 2019 03:57 AM

    Hi all,

    I am new with vSphere, just read thru the training document and have problem to differentiate between vSphere replication and vMotion.

    It look the same where VM is migrate to another site.

    Can explain , what is the condition we use vMotion and vSphere Replication

  • 2.  RE: Vsphere Replication vs vMotion

    Posted Sep 26, 2019 05:39 AM

    Hi tckoon

    This KBs will help explain how it works.

    You will be able to reach the differences.

    How vSphere Replication Works


  • 3.  RE: Vsphere Replication vs vMotion
    Best Answer

    Posted Sep 26, 2019 06:09 AM


    vMotion is a management technology and one of the VMKernel services that used to Migrate virtual machines between the hosts and in most of times it's related for failures inside a single site for example if you want to do maintenance operation in an ESXi host and move its VM to another host, or use for satisfying HA feature of clustering that its duty is migration VMs of a failed ESXi to another hosts belong to that cluster. I emphasis we will use vMotion always against failures of ESXi inside a site but vSphere Replication is another type of protection, this time between two different sites (separated their Geo-location). So Replication helps to improve total availability of a Site, not an object belongs to that site. By using vSphere Replication with solutions like Site Recovery Manager, you can replicate all of your virtual infrastructure components like VMs to a secondary site to do failover in disastrous situation like losing whole power generation of a datacenter


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  • 4.  RE: Vsphere Replication vs vMotion

    Posted Sep 26, 2019 08:21 AM

    Let's be clear here, as vMotion is NOT used by vSphere HA when a failure has occurred.

    vMotion is used to live migrate VMs from one host to another host, or from one datastore to another datastore. Typically this is done when you need to do some form of maintenance on a host, or on a datastore, or when there's some form of resource contention (CPU, Memory, Storage capacity or latency).

    vSphere Replication is for Disaster Recovery. You use this to replicate VMs between storage systems. This replicates all parts of the VM from one location to another, or even within a location from one datastore to another. You can then recover if a location is down, or when a datastore has someone disappeared.