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  • 1.  vSphere 5 client error

    Posted Nov 30, 2011 01:59 PM


    I've just installed a new fresh vcenter 5 (on Win2008 R2).

    I have a problem with a new client connected to a vcenter server. for example if right click on host "New Virtual Machine" or on a vm "Edit Settings", I receive a message box with following error (see attached image):

    Call "EnvironmentBrowser.QueryConfigTarget" for object "envbrowser-7" on vCenter Server "vcenter.demo.hms.local" failed.

    If i connect directly to a host this error doesn't occur, and all is working fine.

    The problem occurs using client directly installed to vcenter server and using the client installed on my pc.

    thanks in advance



  • 2.  RE: vSphere 5 client error
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    Posted Nov 30, 2011 02:04 PM

    Please take a look at this KB article:

  • 3.  RE: vSphere 5 client error

    Posted Nov 30, 2011 02:10 PM

    GREAT !!

    thank you very much. Problem solved.