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vSAN stretched Cluster switch

  • 1.  vSAN stretched Cluster switch

    Posted Jul 11, 2023 12:21 PM

    I have just configured a new vSAN stretched cluster with a distributed switch and i get this error:

    VDS compliance check for hyperconverged cluster configuration.   

    Check if the VDS is alive and the distributed port groups configuration is compliant with the hyperconverged cluster configuration.

    Check if the configuration of each host is compliant with the hyperconverged cluster configuration. The hosts should all be attached to the VDS with the same adapters, the adapters should be present and on the correct distributed port groups, and the NTP server and lockdown mode should be configured according to specifications

    Its complaining that none of the hosts are connected to the Switch (it is) and port groups are not configured (they are)

    The switch is alive and configured but it does not seem to recognise any port of the port groups i created manually.  I initially started to use the quick start to configure the DvSwitch then recreated it manually and removed the one created via quick start.   Since then its showing with this error.   is there a way out without having to reconfigure as per VM KB?