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  • 1.  vSAN space consumption

    Posted Sep 27, 2021 06:44 AM

    Query on vSAN: We have vSAN cluster setup using four compute nodes with RAID 5 and FTT=1 (plus all flash drives). Each compute nodes has 3D+1 two disk group each. Ideally as per RAID 5 and FTT=1 the vmdk disk of size 300GB should use 400 disk space to create but at our environment it consuming close to 600GB disk space on datastore I,e equivalent to RAID 1 configuration. I am feeling there is an inconsistency the vdisk space being used while creation. Could you please help to locate the problem what all parameter need to be cross checked to identify root cause for this issue? Sharing the details of my setup what version of VMware product being used. vCenter : 7.0 ESXi: 6.7 U3 vSAN : 6 version

  • 2.  RE: vSAN space consumption

    Posted Sep 28, 2021 08:31 AM

    Where did you check the RAID configuration and the amount of disk space consumed? As it could be that you are experiencing a UI bug. Over the last few releases, we introduced a lot of fixes and updates around the capacity views. I would probably recommend using RVC to check the capacity of the VM. You can find more info here on how to do that: https://www.virten.net/2017/06/vsan-6-6-rvc-guide-part-3-object-management/