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  • 1.  vSAN iSCSI target configuration

    Posted Aug 05, 2023 08:23 PM

    What are thevSAN iSCSI target limitations. 

    I have an Oracle RAC server that needs to have 2 iSCSI networks for resilience.   

    Can i have 2  VMks connect to 1 iSCSI taget lun?



  • 2.  RE: vSAN iSCSI target configuration

    Posted Aug 06, 2023 06:44 AM


    This is all covered off here


    Yes you can have two vmk ports to the same Lun and it's considered best practise. Just have the vmk on two different hosts in the vSAN

    For the limitations look here


    Unsupported usage as a target for other ESXi hosts

    Unsupported usage with third-party hypervisors

    Migrations using raw device mapping (RDMs)

    No support for Multiple Connections per Session (MCS)


  • 3.  RE: vSAN iSCSI target configuration

    Posted Aug 07, 2023 07:58 AM

    Hi There bmcb555

    Thanks for your reply,   I tried configuring this already but wasn't able to do so.    

    I have an existing target already then i went in to edit the target, in the network option i am able to select only one vmk from the drop down.  want i need to do is not listed in the limitations but it could well be. 

    are you able to provide steps on how to configure this?


  • 4.  RE: vSAN iSCSI target configuration

    Posted Aug 07, 2023 12:24 PM

    When you have selected a vmk, it is enabled on all hosts in the vSAN cluster for that vmk. E.g if you used vmk1 it'll be vmk1 on host 1, 2 and 3. 

    You then configure each vmk IP as a discovery target on the initiator side. You can see this is what is done here 


    Adding the vSAN iSCSI LUN to Windows Server Failover Cluster WSFC - There is an IP for each of the hosts listed. If you're asking can you have multiple vmk on the same hosts then as far as I know that is not possible.

  • 5.  RE: vSAN iSCSI target configuration

    Posted Aug 13, 2023 03:02 PM

    Thanks for responses.   It does look like its a vSAN iSCSI limitation.