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  • 1.  vRealize Orchestrator plugin not working fully

    Posted Dec 18, 2018 03:57 PM

    Not even sure this is the right location to ask this but:

    vCenter 6.5

    vRealize Orchestrator 7.5

    vRealize Orchestrator plugin for vCenter 7.5.0 (default from Orchestrator, no Tech Preview)

    So the problem I'm having is that when I run a workflow to deploy a new VM, the field I specify for Host is populated with the host I right-clicked on (currently anyway, it was a struggle to get here and I don't know if it will stay), but when another admin that doesn't do Orchestrator work does the same thing, it is not populated for him.

    I put in a support ticket about this late in the summer and was told that this was pretty much as designed and the only supported way to run workflows was to use the Orchestrator Java client.  Then the tech found a note about the 'Tech Preview' plugin that was being developed for vCenter 6.7 that had this functionality back in it.  I went to try that and found that the plugin version I had was newer than the tech preview version.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • 2.  RE: vRealize Orchestrator plugin not working fully

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 18, 2018 07:06 PM

    Hi Tom,

    The proper place to ask this question is the vRealize Orchestrator forum -

    The host field being populated for you and not for another admin probably means that the other person account does not have enough permissions on vRO side. Could you ask him to check what happens if she/he tries to call some vRO REST API that requires authentication, for example, retrieving the list of workflows? This can be done via some REST client (cURL, Postman, etc.) or by opening the URL https://{vroaddress}:8281/vco/api/workflows in a browser.

    Do you have the support ticket number to check what happened with it? There are few things that sounds odd:

    • supported way to run workflows is not only via the Java client; there are also REST API and integration with vRA
    • tech preview builds uploaded here in the community forums are usually meant to deliver bug fixes, not a new functionality. Populating the field on right-click should work since the initial release.

    BTW, when something vRO-related is not working in the Web Client UI, there is usually some useful information in the log files, like errors/exceptions stack traces. The main log files are:

    • in vRO appliance - /var/log/vco/app-server/server.log
    • in vCenter appliance - /var/log/vmware/vsphere-client/logs/vsphere_client_virgo.log

  • 3.  RE: vRealize Orchestrator plugin not working fully

    Posted Dec 19, 2018 11:23 AM

    Thanks for the excellent reply.  I think its likely permissions but will check the logs as well.