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  • 1.  VMWare APC UPS Network Shutdown

    Posted May 25, 2015 01:54 PM

    Hi Guys

    We are installing a HP server running VMware with two VM's running server 2012. We have an APC smart UPS with network card and I would like to know how we can configure the APC software to first shutdown each VM correctly and then the physical sever.


  • 2.  RE: VMWare APC UPS Network Shutdown

    Posted May 25, 2015 07:59 PM


    best approach is to use the virtaul aplliance provided by APC "PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.0 for Virtualization" (ESXi flavour), see: Software / Firmware

    Configure the network card to your needs, e.g. give it a static IP which is reachble from inside the virtual appliance/VMWare.

    Afterwards deploy the OVA/OVF included in the tar.gz in VMWare and copnfigure it afterwards on the console of the VM.

    Thereafter a web interface for the appliance is up and running where you can configure your shutdown events.

    Documentation and further information is found here:

    Only thing I'm not sure about is if v4.0 is already tested with VMWare 6, but generally it should work.

    You anyway have to configure your host's startup/shutdown settings (according to the 2 Win 2012 VMs) for the appliance to work as expected.


  • 3.  RE: VMWare APC UPS Network Shutdown

    Posted May 28, 2015 11:03 AM

    Thanks for the detailed reply.

    We are currently using the free version of ESXI, would we be able to use the above method to shut down our VMs & host?

  • 4.  RE: VMWare APC UPS Network Shutdown
    Best Answer

    Posted May 28, 2015 11:37 AM

    Never tried myself, but I guess that won't work. I remember some scripted solution making use of PuTTY/plink, but can't find back the page right now. Maybe this helps: No Joke IT: Shut down ESXi 5.1 guest VMs and the host (free edition) via SSH - the easy way!

    Here's another approach, but I'm not sure if this works with free license either: Graceful UPS shutdowns for your ESXi server with Centos | The Helpful Hacker

  • 5.  RE: VMWare APC UPS Network Shutdown

    Posted Apr 05, 2016 01:02 PM

    Hey folks,

    we encountered this issue with numerous of our clients, too. At a point we have been annoyed by scripts and unsafe workarounds, so we developed a ready-to-go solution, which can handle almost any UPS (even those without network card).

    It´s possible to control ESXi, Windows, Linux servers with a single installation (no agents) and the software can shutdown your multi-layer VM servers in the order you wish.

    We just finished our work and invite everyone to Beta Test our solution (which is working already fine for our own clients).

    Get it here: