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  • 1.  vLCM vmware-fdm missing in depot

    Posted Nov 25, 2020 11:48 PM


    I cant edit/save the vLCM base image of a 7.0.1 Cluster: When trying to save it shows this error: "Software solution com.vmware.vsphere-ha with version 7.0.1-16858508 cannot be found in depot."

    Where can I download this vib as offline bundle? On my vcenter is only vmware-fdm_7.0.1-17004997 available.

    Or is there a way to delete the base image to start with a new one? did not work.

  • 2.  RE: vLCM vmware-fdm missing in depot
    Best Answer

    Posted Nov 29, 2020 02:16 PM

    Solution: I had to delete the wrong entry from the vLCM database mannually:

    1. Login via SSH to vcenter and stop vLCM: service-control --stop updatemgr

    2. get DB pass: grep db_password /usr/lib/vmware-updatemgr/bin/configvalues.txt | sed 's/db_password=//'

    3. Login to DB: psql -d VCDB -U vumuser 

    4. list vLCM config: table table pm_software_desired_states;

    5. delete the offending (last) entry: delete from pm_software_desired_states where desired_state_id=[number];

    6. Logoff from DB and start vLCM: \q    -   service-control --start updatemgr


    Offending entry had this is in column "spec":

    "name": "HPE-Custom-AddOn",
    "version": "701."
    "base_image": {
    "version": "7.0.1-0.0.16850804"
    "components": {
    "NVD-VGPU": "450.80-1OEM.700.0.0.15525992"
    "hardware_support": null,
    "solutions": {
    "com.vmware.vsphere-ha": {
    "components": [
    "component": "vsphere-fdm"
    "version": "7.0.1-16858508"