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Virtual MSCS setup with RDM

  • 1.  Virtual MSCS setup with RDM

    Posted Jun 17, 2014 04:14 PM


    I am in need of some info on RDM configuration in a MSCS cluster. I have to migrate the RDM LUNs from CS to VNX. I am trying to understand the information I need to document in order to avoid any gotchas during the migration.

    I have a 2 node virtual MSCS with 4 RDM LUNs added to both the nodes. The .vmdk files of the RDM LUN in my setup is stored in datastores. For the RDMs acting as  clustered disk, the .vmdk paths are as below


    VM-Cl1 Hard disk 4 10,240  [SAN-DS] VM-Cl1/VM-Cl1_6.vmdk

    VM-Cl2 Hard disk 4 10,240  [SAN-DS] VM-Cl2/VM-Cl2_7.vmdk

    Are the two .vmdk file paths from the RVtool output in a correct setup for clustered disk? Or   they .vmdk's  have to be in the same path?

    I'd just like to be sure that I understand the setup and configuration properly before planning the migration.

    Any inputs in this matter will be greatly appreciated.