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vijava SDK vs vCenter REST APIs / vSphere Automation SDK

  • 1.  vijava SDK vs vCenter REST APIs / vSphere Automation SDK

    Posted Dec 05, 2022 07:52 AM

    In order to import objects from vCenter Data Center we are currently using vijava SDK. This SDK last update was at May 22, 2018 and AFAIU discontinued.
    We would like to switch from using deprecated vijava SDK, to vCenter REST APIs / vSphere Automation SDK (for python/java), therefore trying to assess the different aspects of the current options, to decide which is best for us to use:

    * vCenter REST APIs:


    * vSphere Automation SDK (python or Java):

    The following comparison criteria are something I seek clarifications for:

    1. REST API - The vSphere Automation SDK uses REST APIs In the backend ? is it using other methods to fetch the information from the vCenter ?
    2. Performance - Are there any known differences in terms of performance in large scale, between using regular REST APIs for vCenter and using the vSphere automation SDK ?
    3. Throttling - Is there a special treatment/addressing for resolving throttling issues (in case such occur), in the vSphere Automation SDK. If so, what are the different options ?
    4. vCenter Versions - vCenter REST APIs supported since v6.5, for the vSphere Automation SDK the supported versions are vCenter 7.0, 7.0U1, 7.0U2, 7.0U3 and 8.0. Will it change in the future ? The SDK will be backwards compatible for the old versions and new versions alike ?
    5. Paging - Is there a paging treatment as part of the SDK ?
    6. Changes Delta - In vijava, there Is a mechanism that imported all the objects from vCenter and later on, in case there was a change, in one of the imported objects, the change alone was reflected, so there was no need to import all the objects in import each cycle.

    Is there a similar mechanism as part of the vSphere Automation SDK ?