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  • 1.  VCSA Deployment DNS Error Packet

    Posted Jul 19, 2017 03:55 PM

    Hello Everyone...

    First and foremost, Thank for your responses , and Prior to posting this question I have spent some time researching.

    I am deploying vCSA to and already up and running infrastructure that is currently using vCenter Server for Windows.

    I'm able to deploy the vCSA but when it comes time to Join to the Domain it gives me the following error:

    *** ERROR ***

    Error: DNS_ERROR_BAD_PACKET [code 0x0000251e]

    The "Join active directory" operation failed for the entity with the following error message.

    A bad packet was received from a DNS server. Potentially the requested address does not exist

    ***** Things that I have done ****

    Verified the DCs A and PTR records in DNS for both ESXi and vCSA

    Set DC, ESXi, and vCSA to use the same NTP server


    domain     domain.tld

    search     domain.tld

    nameserver <ip address of domain DNS server>

    Enabled SMB2 on vCSA

  • 2.  RE: VCSA Deployment DNS Error Packet

    Posted Jul 26, 2017 08:48 AM

    It does not indicate on the thread if External Platform Service Controller is installed. According to the vCenter Server Appliance Overview " The vCenter Server Appliance is a preconfigured Linux virtual machine, which is optimized for running VMware vCenter Server® and the associated services on Linux.
    During the deployment of the appliance, you select a deployment type of vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller, Platform Services Controller, or vCenter Server with an external Platform Services Controller. When you deploy a Platform Services Controller appliance, you can create a VMware vCenter® Single Sign-On™ domain or join an existing domain. For information about the vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller deployment types and the deployment topologies with external Platform Services Controller instances, see vSphere Installation and Setup. Please review.