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vCneter 7 VSA Syslog Verbosity

  • 1.  vCneter 7 VSA Syslog Verbosity

    Posted May 12, 2021 02:23 PM


    I have enabled syslog forwarding on vCenter and while it works it is very verbose. Looking at what is provided by default I  get the below, when really all I want is what was provided by the API which is possible the vpdx events. Is there any way to reduce what is being sent other than playing with the verbosity?

    • /var/log/messages
    • /storage/log/vmware/applmgmt-audit/applmgmt-audit-syslog.log
    • /storage/log/vmware/vmon/vmon-syslog.log
    • /storage/log/vmware/vmdird/vmdird-syslog.log
    • /storage/log/vmware/vmcad/vmcad-syslog.log
    • /storage/log/vmware/rbd/rbd-syslog.log
    • /storage/log/vmware/vmdnsd/vmdnsd-syslog.log
    • /storage/log/vmware/vmafdd/vmafdd-syslog.log
    • /storage/log/vmware/rsyslogd/rsyslogd-syslog.log