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  • 1.  vCenter migration from Veeam server

    Posted Jan 12, 2023 08:08 PM

    I've inherited a mess and need to clean it up. We have 3 hosts in a cluster with vCenter 6.5.0 build 5973321 running in a Windows instance outside of the cluster. On that Windows instance also lives our Veeam BR 11 build for the guests in the cluster.

    I need to upgrade vCenter to 6.7 to add a new host (decommissioning old host) in the cluster.

    I would like for vCenter to move to an appliance running in the cluster (not sure if this is best practice).

    My question is what is the best method to do this?

    I'm concerned that if we upgrade vCenter to an appliance, it will want to take the existing hostname / IP of the Veeam server. This could break backups and require a complete overhaul of Veeam.

  • 2.  RE: vCenter migration from Veeam server

    Posted Jan 28, 2023 03:54 PM

    This is complicated situation. Why do you need to keep Veeam with current specifications?