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  • 1.  vCenter 7 and VCHA - Network and Patching Questions

    Posted Jul 17, 2023 02:45 PM

    I have two questions about the VCHA setup specific to version 7.x (or newer):

    1) Does the HA network need to be dedicated for each vCenter HA deploy or can multiple vCenter Servers configured for vCenter HA share a common HA network using distinct IPs from a common subnet?  Can your Management Domain vCenter and your Workload Domain vCenter use the same DVS/VLAN portgroup for VCHA?

    2) In VCSA 7.x, if you have vCenter HA configured, when time to patch/upgrade, do you still have to destroy the VCHA setup, patch and reboot the singleton VCSA, then redeploy VCHA ... or can you now patch the standby and witness nodes, do a failover and then patch the remaining node -- as you could in vCenter 6.5 and 6.7?

    Most doc references I am finding still indicate you need to destroy VCHA config, patch, then reconfig VCHA but this one VMware doc page seems to indicate it can be patched with VCHA config still in place and active:


    David Goldsmith

  • 2.  RE: vCenter 7 and VCHA - Network and Patching Questions

    Posted Jul 18, 2023 04:39 AM

    take a look at this faq

    1) it should ne dedicated as each network should be used to keep alive one vcenter only

    2) both method should work. but destroying and redeploying vcha after patching is the cleaner way.