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  • 1.  VCB fails - Windows 2008 x64 - Help!

    Posted Apr 22, 2010 03:10 PM


    I have strange VCB errors in my environment.

    Here at first some facts:

    VCB Proxy:

    physical Windows 2008x64 Server

    Version 1.5U2

    ESX: Version 4.0U1

    Storage EVA4000, EVA6000, NetApp FAS3400

    When I try a SAN VCB I get this error:

    2010-04-22 16:53:27.150 'App' 6060 error] No path to device LVID:48c50fbd-c772e3f5-2083-00215adb83f6/48c50fbd-a6651634-37cf-00215adb83f6/1 found.

    Error: Failed to open the disk: Cannot access a SAN/iSCSI LUN backing this virtual disk. (Hint: If you are using vcbMounter you can use the option "-m nbd" to switch to network based disk access if this is what you want.) If you were attempting file-level access, stop the vmount Service by typing "net stop vmount2" on a command prompt to force vmount to re-scan for SAN LUNs and re-try the command.

    An error occurred, cleaning up...

    Deleted directory f:\vcb\1

    When I try a NBD VCB, it works fine.

    When I try the SAN VCB with Windows 2003 on the physical VCB Server it works fine.

    The problem only occures with the HP EVA Storages.

    When I try a VCB from a VM on the NetApp Storage it works fine.

    So, only when I have the combination Windows VCB Proxy (64bit) and HP EVA Storage I get errors.

    The LUN's are the same on the ESX and the VCB Proxy.

    Hostmode on the EVA Command View is configured correctly (for the ESX "VMware" for the Windows "Microsoft Windows")

    Someone have same issues or a idea for a solution?



  • 2.  RE: VCB fails - Windows 2008 x64 - Help!

    Posted Apr 22, 2010 04:03 PM

    AFAIK the VCB proxy has to be configured the same host mode on the SAN as the ESX hosts. Of course this does not apply to NTFS volumes that you provide to the VCB proxy as local storage to hold the VM copies.

  • 3.  RE: VCB fails - Windows 2008 x64 - Help!

    Posted Apr 23, 2010 06:10 AM

    Ups, here in my test environment I have another wrong configuration. I will update this post when I am at customer site.