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VC shows VM powered on from Detached Datastore

  • 1.  VC shows VM powered on from Detached Datastore

    Posted Aug 29, 2019 01:30 AM


    I'm stuck, or I should say 2 VM's are stuck in a Powreed On state. This started when my system took a power hit and rebooted with everything up. Nothing good comes from  that as we all know. I have 3 Datastores

    Primary (Virtual Machines Vitrual-Center-Active, NSX-Manager-Active & NSX-Edge-Active)

    Secondary (Virtual Machines Vitrual-Center-Secondary, NSX-Manager-Secondary & NSX-Edge-Secondary)

    Recovery (Virtual Machines Vitrual-Center-Recovery, NSX-Manager-Recovery & NSX-Edge-Recovery)

    When I powered the ESXi Hosts up. I found the Primary Datastore wasn't seen. I attempted to mount it but it was coming back as Corrupted. Not a problem as I have two other Datastores to recover to, or so I thought. I powered up the VC on the Secondary Datastore, log in and see NSX-Manager-Active & NSX-Edge-Active (from the Primary Datastore) as powered on. As the Datastore wasn't attached I new these were remnants. They show as powered on in PowerCLI, I've tried to remove them using PowerCLI but no luck.

    Anyone have a solution?