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  • 1.  Update Manager Error

    Posted Oct 08, 2008 01:54 PM

    For the past few days, I keep getting this error in Virtual Center while trying remediate a host:

    "Your session with the VMware Update Mangager Server is no longer valid. The VMware Update Manager Client plugin will be unloaded from the VI Client."

    This occurred this morning when it was about 60% throught the Ciritical updates (I was not doing the non-critical.)

    Any idea of what's causing this? I can add the plug-in back in, but VC still thinks it's trying to remdiate even though it's not. The "Scan for updates" and "remediate" options are now grayd out for the host. Virtual Center now has to be rebooted to get it back to where I can run Update Manager.

    btw, this is Virutal Center 2.5 and the hosts are 3.5

  • 2.  RE: Update Manager Error

    Posted Oct 08, 2008 02:56 PM

    I get the same error once a day, but don't know the cause. I've seen a bunch of post with user having the same issue too.

    You can try stop/starting the virtual center service to avoid a reboot.