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  • 1.  Unable to perform vMotion.

    Posted Oct 03, 2013 09:35 AM

    Hi All,

    Unable to perform vMotion, Let me explain about my Infrastructure.  we have 3 ESX4.1 Host and NAS/NFS Datastore, while I am trying to Migrate a VM to one host to another but I am getting the below error message,

    But when I checked and found that I am able to migrate the VM to ESX2 (ESX3 to ESX2) but unable to migrate the VM to ESX1.

    and the Datastore name is different in ESX1, find the below screenshot.

    (Screenshot has been removed for security reason ----)

    Above screenshot u can see both the server Device or the mount point name is different (NFS folder name is also different) find the same in below screenshot.

    (Screenshot has been removed for security reason)

    above image you can see ESX1 storage folder name is different from ESX3 (Find the below image for ESX3 storage path folder name)

    Above picture shows the ESX3 NFS Datastore path or folder name,

    I am planning to migrate all the VM from one of the datastore(ESX_ds04 ) and unmounts the datastore and mount it back again,

    Could you please guide me IF I am doing wrong or If you have any KB or resolution  for the same.

    Its a quite long issue and I have been scratching my head from long time.

    Thanks in advance. :smileyhappy:

  • 2.  RE: Unable to perform vMotion.

    Posted Oct 08, 2013 08:15 PM


    This issue can occur if the vmfs volume containing the vmdk file of a virtual machine is on an NFS datastore and the datastore is mounted differently on both the source and destination machines. For example, if the NFS datastore on the source machine is mounted using IP and the destination machine has the datastore mounted using FQDN.

    To check if the NFS datastores are mounted differently:

    1. Connect to the ESXi/ESX host using a remote KVM, direct console access, or using SSH.
    2. Run this command on both machines to check the NFS mount values:

      esxcfg-nas -l

      On ESXi 5.x, run, esxcli storage nfs list
    3. Compare the output from both machines and check for differences. For example:

      Output of command on ESXi/ESX host 1:

      exit15_ISOs is /vol/vol0/home/ISO-Images/vol1 from mounted

      Output of command on ESXi/ESX host 2:

      exit15_ISOs is /vol/vol0/home/ISO-Images/vol1 from mounted

      In these outputs host1 has the NFS datastore mounted using the IP address at and the host2 has the datastore mounted using DNS name at

    4. Use the same mounting method on both machines. Either use the same IP address or use the same DNS name on both machines.



  • 3.  RE: Unable to perform vMotion.
    Best Answer

    Posted Oct 09, 2013 06:48 AM

    Thanks Avinash,

    But The issue has been resolved,

    I un-mounted the datstore from ESX host and mount it back with right folder name and path,

    when we mounted initially we have mounted with wrong folder name,

    example: \esx_ds01  in some of the ESX host and esx_ds01 in some of the esx host,

    now I mounted back with  esx_ds01 in all esx host :smileyhappy: and everything looks fine :smileyhappy:

    Thanks a lot for your help Guyz :smileyhappy:

  • 4.  RE: Unable to perform vMotion.

    Posted Jul 04, 2015 03:22 PM