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  • 1.  The true, clean, easiest way to automate the running of vCheck ?

    Posted Mar 24, 2014 10:23 PM

    I have posted on this before, but I still don't really have a clean solution for automating the running of vCheck.

    vCheck is a great report everyone agrees.

    When I run it and walk through choosing all the options, it works great.

    When I try to figure out how to make it run daily by a scheduled task or by vCO, it is hard.

    1.  vCO is hard because you have to supply all the parameters and passing them from vCO to a powershell host is hard to the point of being out of the question.  The parameters you would need are dispersed through all the vCHeck various files, of which there are many, and I've never seen an example of how you would call a powershell script from vCO in a clean way to send all the parameters over.  There is an "Arguments" window that allows you to specify arguments to pass over to vCheck.  I see no example of how that window would be populated when you try to call vcheck by running the "Invoke an External Script" workflow.

    2. You could use a scheduled task in windows, but once again, how do you know that the script is going to run with all the correct parameters.  I see people complaining that their scheduled vcheck task started, and failed because it didn't get all the parameters, and didn't run properly like it did when they entered all of the parameters manually.

    3.  You could run the new vCheck version written for vCO in javascript.  But it doesn't have all the parts of it developed yet.  Then, if you are a powershell person and don't know javascript, you will have lots of fun when you want to try to make a slight adjustment or troubleshoot something, and a hard time getting support from the vCO community as fast as here in the PowerCLI community.

    So I am hoping someone can chime in with their opinion on the cleanest way to automate running vcheck, making sure all the parameters get passed to it - or is there just not a clean way yet?


  • 2.  RE: The true, clean, easiest way to automate the running of vCheck ?

    Posted Mar 25, 2014 06:16 AM

    You can run vCheck with a number of switches.

    With the Config switch, you can set up the parameters you want to use.

    With the Job switch, you can make it run and use the parameters you defined earlier.

    This is documented in the help of the vCheck script.