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  • 1.  The Best Way to Configure Multiple Ethernet Ports on a VM

    Posted Jun 20, 2015 10:28 PM

    Hi All,

    I have an OId WindowsXP Machine which has 5 Dedicated Network Connections on a number of NIC Cards & one Internal Ethernet Connection. These Network Connections have Dedicated assigned IP Address's...The WindowsXP PC is now showing it's age & I need to Migrate it to a VM, as I need to run some dedicated Software, which will only Run on XP.

    I have Built a Windows 7 Pro Machine, with the Right Number of Network Ports Installed with Dedicated NIC's & a one Internal Ethernet Connection.

    My Question is hopefully Simple to Answer!!! What is the Best Way to make Sure that the Original IP Address's are retained, Do I Configure the New Physical NIC's on the Windows 7 PC to the OLD WindowsXP IP Address's & let the Virtual NIC's just Tunnel through to these NIC's??

    I have used the Latest VM Standalone Converter to "Clone" the WindowsXP Machine & It has correctly Identified All the NIC's required, So I have ATM just left the settings in "Bridged" for the 5 Ethernet Ports, Is this the Correct setting?

    Thanks for any TIPS or Suggestions that someone could provide....

  • 2.  RE: The Best Way to Configure Multiple Ethernet Ports on a VM

    Posted Jun 23, 2015 09:52 AM


    It would be better to ask this question in the Workstation forum.

    At a first glance, this seems correct to me, but it probably depends on the requirements of the whole environment - why are these 5 static IPs, i.e. who communicates with them; are there any other requirements (like MAC address filters), etc..