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    Posted Jun 24, 2024 08:39 AM

    When we were moving from vSphere v6 to v7, I was not able to complete the migration before End of Life (EoL) on vSphere v6. VMware had something called Technical Guidance in which they would support you, for the most part, for the next year or so.

    We are not going to complete our migration from v7 to v8 before EoL, but on the Broadcom site I read the following:

    "While Broadcom no longer offers the Technical Guidance component of the VMware lifecycle support policy, we remain committed to honoring the technical guidance undertaking which VMware had previously made in individual customer agreements.
    Please see the Broadcom Maintenance Policy Handbook for more information."

    Can anyone say whether or not I can get help and/or any patches, after v7 EoL?

    Thanks all.