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Storage vMotion Log Details

  • 1.  Storage vMotion Log Details

    Posted Apr 10, 2015 02:54 PM

    I performed a storage vMotion of a VMDK file between 2 datastores about 6 weeks ago.  Long story short the host had a catastrophic storage loss of a datastore and now I am missing 3 VMDK files, they literally just disappeared into thin air.  I can see in the vCenter Tasks/Events where I moved the VMDK file, but it just tells me that I moved a disk, not which disk I moved.  Is there any way that within on vCenter log file it would tell me exactly which disk I moved??  The logs on the original host are gone, I just have the vCenter logs but it was all done through vCenter.  This is on vCenter 5.5 and the host was running ESXI 5.0.  Thank you.