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  • 1.  SQL VM CPU Consideration Help

    Posted Oct 24, 2017 06:35 PM

    Hello All

    I am looking for some clarification from the community.

    We have a SQL server, which is configured with 6 socket and 1 core per socket equal 6vCPU

    The physical host has 2 sockets and 8 cores per socket.

    I was planning to reconfigure the cpu allocation to match the host physical cpu configuration ie 2 sockets and 3 cores per socket which would equal 6 vCPU.

    Is the configuration i am planning, provide any real benefit or should i leave it as it is?

    Motive for the change, we are seeing intermittent performance issues with the sql server and i was told vm cpu config should match host physical cpu config for optimal performance.

    Any help or suggestions, would be appreciated.

    Thanks all


  • 2.  RE: SQL VM CPU Consideration Help

    Posted Oct 24, 2017 06:58 PM

    Essentially, the vNUMA presentation under vSphere 6.5 is no longer controlled by the Cores per Socket value. vSphere will now always present the optimal vNUMA topology unless you use advanced settings.

    Decoupling of Cores per Socket from Virtual NUMA Topology in vSphere 6.5 -

    With hosts prior to v6.5, you should use minimum socket count with maximum cores on each socket (as per need) to have optimal NUMA performance.