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Skyline Advisor Login Issues

  • 1.  Skyline Advisor Login Issues

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 29, 2018 01:55 AM


    Some customers may have mentioned that they are unable to access Skyline Advisor, even when they are using the same MyVMware credentials as what was used to register the Skyline Collector Appliance. This was due to some backend validation logic that was too conservative, far more so than what was acceptable in registering the Collector. This conservative approach has affect 20-30% of customers attempting to access the system.

    Skyline Engineering has implemented a solution today that should address those 20-30% of our customers that are having difficulty accessing Skyline Advisor. There is a scenario where if a user is associated to multiple EAs and those EAs are also associated to different Skyline IDs that the user will need to select which EA they would like to see the data from the Skyline Advisor UI.

    Please update this thread if you continue to have an issue logging the Skyline Advisor.


    James Walker