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sizing a right coredump partition for esxi?

  • 1.  sizing a right coredump partition for esxi?

    Posted Oct 16, 2020 03:16 PM

    I encountered a problem which is, after the installation of ESXi 7.0 on a SATADOM device the webpage tells me that no coredump has been configured.(and i found this was due to some underlying HW's configuration issue)

    This message meaning that i should create a partition for the coredump.

    my goal is to create a partition for coredumps on that SATADOM device, just like how ESXi installer would do by default and I know how to create it via the "partedUtil" commands.

    after reading VMware Knowledge Base and VMware Knowledge Base , doubts about coredump partition popped up in my head.

    the questions are:

    1. it seemed that the default partition size for hypervisor is about 2.56GB therefore i should calculate a 2.56GB size between "sector start number" and "sector end number" for the partition? I think i took "100MB" as the partition size stupidly...:smileyconfused:

    2. after VSAN version 6.7 and til verison 7.0, the ESXi coredump partition resizing does not trouble administrator because partition's gonna expand automatically according to RAM、vsan configurations on that ESXi host??

    thanks in advance:smileyconfused: