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  • 1.  Share the same cloud template with 15 projects

    Posted Aug 25, 2023 11:38 AM

    All my cloud templates (blueprints) have "Allow an administrator to share with any project in this organization" enabled. But I have to share the same templates across 15 projects (more in future). The only way I know is to create a content sharing policy for each project and adding the cloud templates in the policy. But I don't want to create 15-20 "Content Sharing Policies". Is there any other way I can share cloud templates with many projects at once?

  • 2.  RE: Share the same cloud template with 15 projects

    Posted Oct 09, 2023 08:37 PM

    Using vra 8.12.2

    you use a combination of content sources and a workflow.

    Meaning create a script that creates for you the projects with all settings in assembler and  then also in the service broker.

    Have project defined with "global" cloud templates. That projects van be used as a content source in the service broker.

    The content sources are then being used then in the content sharing policy. (Add the content source and not the item).

    And if you later add a blueprint to that project the it will be added into the catalog for that project.



    And later just add a