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  • 1.  Server Blocked on vSwitch

    Posted Apr 12, 2022 06:27 AM


    I am trying to build a Microsoft NLB pair in my ESX 7.0 /vCenter Lab.  When i initially tried to configure it using Unicast I was unable to get it working.  I backed that out and on the other node started to set it up as Multicast.  This worked for the first node but when I tried to add another (ie the original node) I discovered that it is uncontactable.  I've reset the IPs, rebooted etc. but still no go.  Upon further investigation the port is blocked to the server on the vSwitch and I am unable to find out how to unblock it.   The nodes are on separate ESX hosts.

    so, a couple of questions :

    1.    How do I unblock it ?

    2.   Is there a preferred way to set this up ?


    Many Thanks