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  • 1.  Serial Ports passthrough in esxi5

    Posted Dec 03, 2011 10:04 AM


    I have an ESXi 5 on a supermicro C7Q67 Mainboard.

    Now I want to pass through four serialports to a virtual machine. The problem is that only two of the four ports are recognized by the esxi.

    After a short look in the mainboard manual the board have two different chips for serial interfaces:

    - two ports via Nuvoton NCT67767

    - another two ports via LPC IT8760

    Is there any chance to get all four ports working?



  • 2.  RE: Serial Ports passthrough in esxi5

    Posted Dec 03, 2011 04:34 PM

    I'm pretty new to this stuff so please forgive my (simple) answer. I am also having issues with ESXi recognizing certain types of serial ports in general (they just don't show up so they aren't even available on the Host to be added to a VM or shown on the passthrough menu).

    In your instance have you tried the simple stuff like mainboard BIOS configurations? Have you booted the VM to BIOS (the VM's bios not the host machine's BIOS) and made sure that the device is enabled?

    You said you have 4 serial ports and 2 are visible and 2 aren't - I assume that the two that are visible are running on the same chipset?? Could you tell us which ones are not working (what chipset, etc.)?