vSphere Replication

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  • 1.  Recover SRM

    Posted Dec 04, 2023 09:16 AM

    We had a configuration where 2 DELL arrays were using recoverpoint to replicate the storage luns and then used SRM to replicate the VMs to the replica site.

    The recoverpoint failed during an upgrade on the strorage arrays resulting in the recoverpoint being rebuilt.

    SRM now sees the source array and the remote array as offline in the array pairs configuration. We have tried to add the remote array back in but due to the underlying recoverpoint luns being recreated this fails.

    My question is: 

    If we create a new array pair what will happed to all the placeholders on the destination. Will SRM pick this up or do we need to unprotect all the VMs first and then re-protect when the new array pair is in place? SRM version is 8.5