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    Posted Jun 18, 2019 01:28 PM


    Going to the VMware configuration hardware site, I can't understand it; I'm looking for a processor that doesn't cost much with 4 max 8 cores with VT-x VT-d instruction set support to support passghout video cards (virtual video cards), I'm also looking for a motherboard can insert 2x video cards is 64GB of RAM .

    my budget is max 1300 € I have two 6 TB hard drives + 400GB SSD to put the operating system.

    Can you recommend me some intel xeon processors and motherboards that don't cost too much that are compatible with vmware Esxi 6.0 and 6.7 ?.

    Thank you and I await answers.

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    Posted Jun 20, 2019 06:56 AM

    This is not a right place for that.

    The compatibility guide will tell you what all CPU is supported with which all features.

    You have to check with your requirement and then your local sales person and ask him for a quote.

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    Posted Jun 26, 2019 05:15 PM


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    Posted Jun 27, 2019 06:14 AM

    With a budget of 1300 and the need for 2 videocards and the storage you are using, I am assuming this is for a home pc or a lab? As stated above, just go to a local supplier, or check Supermicro etc for options.