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Provisioning vmkernel traffic type

  • 1.  Provisioning vmkernel traffic type

    Posted Mar 22, 2017 12:45 PM

    I currently have 8 servers that have 4 x 10 GB interfaces. I'm looking to use 2 interfaces dedicated to Provisioning and VSAN traffic. The adapters are setup in an active/passive configuration (ie uplink 1 = Provisioning , uplink 2 = VSAN). I am trying to configure custom share values for the two traffic types in the event that one of the interfaces fails leaving provisioning and vsan traffic on one interface. My thought was to configure VSAN with a share value of 90 or 95 and Provisioning with a share value of 5 or 10. The problem is that I don't see a traffic type for 'provisioning'. Does provisioning traffic get lumped in under 'Management Traffic' or 'Virtual Machine' traffic?