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Problems with Microsoft Licenses calculations

  • 1.  Problems with Microsoft Licenses calculations

    Posted Mar 28, 2022 09:50 AM

    Hello, I know, this might be repetitive in this forums.. but i really feel lost and would like to have your help based on your experience..

    I have three HP hosts running ESXi 7 and managed by vCenter 7. Each one of those servers has 2 CPUs, 2*16 cores..

    I need to install  Windows Server 2019 in about 13 virtual machines in those servers. But really feel lost to calculate the number of licenses required for that...

    I found that Microsoft with its per core licensing, and with virtualization, i can rely on physical CPUs which is 96 cpu, which much better than going to license each system where the sum of v-cores is more than 200 cores..

    So i'd be more than grateful if anyone can help me here.

    Thank you in advance,