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  • 1.  PowerCLI and Lifecycle Manager

    Posted Oct 31, 2023 01:55 PM

    Hi All

    Couldn't find too many options for Lifecycle Manager.

    Effectively looking to completely disable it and stop any attempted completely stop any Outbound traffic to VMware.

    I have some Code to Disable the Daily check for updates.

    However i also want to change all x4 of the download sources to "Disabled" aswell



  • 2.  RE: PowerCLI and Lifecycle Manager

    Posted Nov 01, 2023 10:09 AM
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    Hi All

    As mentioned the site concerned has no internet access and DNS is I'm told currently being flooded bey requests.

    This work can only be completed by script, while i can switch off (Disable) Automatic downloads, The 4 download sources listed below are it would seem permanently talking and need to be Disabled too.

    Unfortunately i have found nothing out there on this.

    Now attaching a screenie.