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  • 1.  Physical Server Metrics

    Posted Dec 09, 2014 08:56 PM

    Hi Guys

    I initially posted this in the Capacity Planner group (Under Software Services)... thinking this was probably the wrong place... I think this might be a better place, so please let me know if it not and if it would be best served elsewhere.

    Before getting capacity planner approved and installed I was thinking about getting ahead of the game and pulling some very high level stats that would allow me to get a 10000ft view on my current estate in terms of potential good candidates for virtualisation. Does anyone have a known good set of performance metrics (using perfmon for instance or anything else free) that I can look to get captured for a windows and Linux estate... And any kind of thresholds I should be benchmarking against?


    I asked my monitoring team to send me anything (we use HP OM?)... just something so I can get an idea of the current usage of one of our servers (DL380, 2 CPU, 16GB RAM, 146GB Internal Disk) and initially this is what they sent me (attached) for a given server... This is just a first shot, so happy I've atleast got something back... does any of this cause any concern regarding virtualisation, or is it so that we cannot deduce anything useful from these at present and I should go back with a more refined list of metrics for them to pull out for me?

    Thanks in advance