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  • 1.  P2v Best Practices to ensure a clean working migraiton

    Posted Sep 25, 2009 09:53 AM


    Running Vsphere on two ESX hosts attached to an EVA SAN.

    We have a number of machines that need to be migrated to the Virtual environment.

    What is th process for this using Vmware converter?

    The migration process will take place out of hours. so not sure what the best way to ensure a successfull migration?

    Thanks in advance

  • 2.  RE: P2v Best Practices to ensure a clean working migraiton

    Posted Sep 25, 2009 10:07 AM

    You have two options the hot migration or the cold migration. I would recommend the cold migration for best results, this is using the coldclone.iso cd and booting from it.

    I would also run something like ccleaner and delete temp files and temp internet files, you can also resize the disks to more reasonable sizes. I would normally tick the box to create a new disk for each partition, as this makes it a bit easier to change things within virtualcenter in needed later. Once converted into a VM, install the VMware tools, and remove any unneeded software, the dell / hp etc specific software.

    Also go into device manager and clear the now unused disconnected devices as per HERE

    Reboot the virtual machine and confirm all services are up

    Put in the IP address etc as a new network card will be in the Network Adapters section.

    This seems to works for us.

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    Posted Sep 25, 2009 10:24 AM

    Thanks for the imformative reply.

    I have never done cold migrations before. How do i create this ISO CD to boot from?


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    Best Answer

    Posted Sep 25, 2009 10:32 AM

    Download the VMware convertor from here

    Extract it and grab the coldclone.iso

    Burn the image with something like this

    Hope this helps,


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    Posted Sep 25, 2009 10:50 AM

    makes a good point that I missed. Changing the vCPUs and Memory and removing any unused devices from the Virtual Machine edit settings section, (normally USB and serial ports in our case!)

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    Posted Sep 25, 2009 10:36 AM

    u can also take help from the following notes....

    1. Agent Installation Location

    • Locally: Install Converter and agent directly on source

    machine if converting directly into ESX Server

    • Remotely: Connect to source machine over network to

    install agent

    2. Agent Installation

    • Use local administrator account

    • Avoid domain accounts that have restrictive policies

    • Allow reboot for Windows NT 4.0 and 2000 sources

    3. Machine Preparation

    • Do not deactivate services or harden security

    Workstation service

    Server service

    TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service

    Volume Shadow Copy service (Windows

    2003 or XP)

    • Ensure sufficient free disk space (at least 200MB)

    • Mirrored or striped volumes across multiple disks should

    be broken

    • Dynamic disks with utility partitions should use cold


    • Disable Windows Simple File Sharing (Windows XP only)

    • Disable anti-virus software

    • Defrag hard disks

    • Shutdown any un-needed Windows Services

    • Clean-up any temporary files and un-needed data

    • Run chkdsk

    • Keep users off if possible

    • Power off VM if not using hot cloning

    • VCB VM exports need editing prior to import

    Edit virtual disk filenames inside


    Rename filenames for .vmdk files to

    match those listed in .vmx

    Edit index .vmdk file to change

    references to span files

    4. Network Preparation

    • Open TCP/UDP ports 139, 445, and 902 (Converter 3.0.0) or

    443 (Converter 3.0.1)

    • Open network ports between source and destination

    Alternative is to create a VM

    visible to source, copy VM files to location visible to destination, and import


    • Use FQDN to connect to both source and VI3

    5. Converter Preparation

    • Run on OS greater than or equal to source if source is

    VM and powered off, or

    Symantec Livestate System Image6. Cloning

    • Starter edition limitations and workarounds

    Cannot remote hot clone directly

    into VI3


    Workaround 1: install Converter on source machine


    Workaround 2: select standalone VM as destination, and then import VM to VI3

    using two steps

    Cannot run multiple tasks



    Workaround: run multiple copies of Converter

    Cannot cold clone


    Workaround: create new VM, use third-party cloning application such as Ghost,

    and run Converter configure

    • Do not resize volume for fastest clone speed (block-level


    • Resize volumes if source disks have inefficient

    utilization (resorts to file-level copying)

    • Use cold-cloning disk-based cloning (not volume-based)

    for non-Windows systems

    • Use hot cloning for Windows NT 4.0 systems to avoid NTFS


    • Destination needs to be writeable

    7. Configure

    • Avoid cloning utility partitions

    • Check partition numbers in boot.ini

    • Automatic “Install VMware Tools” option is only available

    for ESX Server VMs

    8. Clean-Up Prior to Power On

    • Edit VM settings according to desired goal

    Number of vCPUs

    Add/Delete USB devices

    Add/Delete Serial and parallel


    Remove Floppy drive if not needed

    SCSI controller type (BusLogic vs.

    LSI Logic)

    • OEM source may require license activation

    SMBIOS.reflectHost = “TRUE” in .vmx

    may avoid reactivation

    Requires destination host to have

    same hardware

    9. Clean-Up After Power On

    • Detect hardware

    VMware Tools installation may hang

    if hardware not detected

    • Allow reboots to occur

    Detect hardware and VMware Tools


    • Verify HAL and change if necessary

    • Remove non-present old hardware

    CMD prompt type set


    Next type DEVMGMT.MSC and select

    Show Hidden Devices

    Delete any old grayed out

    non-present hardware

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    Posted Oct 14, 2021 05:19 AM

    Do you have anything in detail which describes below point and is it still a road block in latest versions?

    Mirrored or striped volumes across multiple disks should be broken

  • 8.  RE: P2v Best Practices to ensure a clean working migraiton

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 14, 2021 08:39 AM


    Rather than resurrecting a 12-year old thread, you might want to create a new one in the correct area for Converter Standalone: