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NSX ALB Slow Upload over SSH

  • 1.  NSX ALB Slow Upload over SSH

    Posted Aug 04, 2023 06:43 PM

    Hi, utilizing NSX ALB 22.1.3 w/Update 10

    I am experiencing slow uploads while using the System-L4-Application profile on port 22, Configuring a NAT to the SSH server is fine and using NGINX as the reverse proxy is fine but going though ALB I get 200kbps upload speeds.

    I can't find anything enabled that related to limiting throughput, I've tossed additional resouces at the VMs (8 vCPU and 8GB vMemory) dedicated dispatcher is enabled and not much else. I've tried Active/Active and Active/Standby.

    Not sure what else to look at, networking is DVS, No Orchestrator.