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  • 1.  No mbean server

    Posted Jun 30, 2008 10:51 AM

    Maybe you could help me.
    I'm new to hyperic and jmx and have a few problems.

    I try to monitor an Tomcat 5.5 server.

    The setup is as following:

    I have an server with the IP which includes the hyperic-hq server.
    I have an client that needs to be monitored with the IP which includes the Tomcat server and Apache in front of the Tomcat server (mod_jk).

    I do everything that is described in the hyperic configuration properties:

    1) JkMount ... // because we have an Apache running in front of Tomcat
    2) Copy libs and deploy hyperic-hq webapp in the client
    3) Include the JmxFilter in the web.xml of Tomcat

    If i go now to*

    I got the message:

    "exception=javax.servlet.ServletException: No mbean server"

    Which URL i do have to put in the jmxURL, jmxUser and jmxPass fields in the servers configuration properties?

    Thank's in advance.