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Nimble Handover Instructions

  • 1.  Nimble Handover Instructions

    Posted Oct 01, 2021 07:05 PM

    Just wondering if anyone using Nimble storage has any instructions on proper procedures for using Nimble replication for storage migration. I havent found much information related to the subject on the internet. The goal is to move a large VM with multiple volumes/datastores from one Nimble array to another within the same vCenter. I used storage motion to move all of the VMs off the old Nimble array except for this one beast that Im wary of using storage motion because its 22TB in total size. The Nimble part is easy enough but i was hopping the vmware part would be easier although it isnt too much of a bother

    These have been my steps so far.

    1. Power off VM
    2. Remove VM from inventory
    3. Perform Handover on Nimble array
    4. Login to ESXi and run this command to find the UUID of replicated volumes
    esxcfg-volume -l
    5. Run this command for each volume uuid found on each ESXi host
    esxcfg-volume -m UUID
    6. Add VM back to the inventory
    7. Power on VM