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  • 1.  Network help

    Posted Mar 10, 2015 10:10 AM

    Hi Guys,

    i need your help in configuring a new LAB,

    in the Company we have ESXI 5.5 for LAB and test, the machine got 4 1gigabites NIC.

    the idea i was going to apply is to configure all the 4 NICS for LAN and WAN on the same time and NIC Team them.

    i've heard from people is not a best practies to do it. have to create own VSwitchs for LAN and WAN.

    4 Gigabites Nic

    24 1Gigabites Managed Switches

    Please advise how to do this on best practise.

    thank you   

  • 2.  RE: Network help

    Posted Mar 10, 2015 12:17 PM

    It actually depends on your security requirements. If the WAN traffic is only separated by VLANs (i.e. no separate physical switches), then I don't see a reason to separate traffic on the virtual side.


  • 3.  RE: Network help

    Posted Mar 10, 2015 09:42 PM

    i mean having 4 NICS, on the LAN and WAN "NIC Teaming "isn't going to have any impact on the speed is it ?

  • 4.  RE: Network help

    Posted Mar 10, 2015 09:47 PM

    I don't see why it should have an impact. I assume that the uplinks are all connected to the same physical switch (or multiple switches with the same speed).


  • 5.  RE: Network help

    Posted Mar 10, 2015 10:22 PM

    Hi Andre,

    thank you for your answer

    yes all the UPLinks are connected to the same physicall switch "hp 1810-24g"

    so having all the traffic going on the same NIC Teaming is the best practise ?

    or attach 2 NICS to the WAN and 1 to the LAN where the VMS are attached too ?

    thank you