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  • 1.  Multiple snapshot files - unable to delete

    Posted Jan 21, 2015 02:47 PM


    Few day ago while browsing datastore i found that one of my VM have multiple snapshot files and ctk.vmdk (20) made by backup exec for each of three vmdk - thats not present in snapshot manager. After performing clone files disappeared and everything is working, but as i still have old copy of vm ( with all files ) I want to know how to get rid of them without cloning. I'm sure there must be some option for it.

    I can manually delete all ctk files but cant delete snapshots. I remember that once i found article what to try if normal solution ( like making new snap and than consolidate, or usinfg cmd vim-cmd vmsvc/snapshot.remove ) doesnt work.

    So my question is : Do u know others way to try ? Or give me some referencess to article about more advenced ways of doing that ? All help is welcome :smileyhappy:


  • 2.  RE: Multiple snapshot files - unable to delete

    Posted Jan 21, 2015 03:06 PM

    Hi Sofix,

    Yes, i have came across such .CTK issues earlier and could not able to power On  vm's,

    However if you know .ctk files are Change track files which keep tracks of the snaps shot, i mean those are the files which will take snapshots back to its parent disks.

    if they automatically get deleted when when consolidations happens ( and they ought to delete), However in this case those are remained due to lock releasing issue.

    1. Login to esxi by root.

    2. browse the vm files and check how many .ctk are there

    3. make one directory, by name ctkfolder, eg on same location were you are #mk dir ctkfolder

    and then 4. mv xxxx.ctk ( move all .ctk files to folder you created).

    and make user there are no ctk files and then power On/Tried to consolidate it.

    VM has to consolidate and if happens Ok or can you let me know if there is .lck files also along with .ctk files.

    Note: I know .CTK file are creates this kind of issue if they remain undeleted after consolidation.


    Basavaraj.R Navalgund